I am the responsible owner of numerous large dogs residing in the Randwick Council area. I have been victimized by a certain (female) bleached blond council ranger for years.
Many dog owners are very wary of her I have found out in the meantime.
She is a dog hater!

After almost having to take out an AVO against this ranger for sexual harassment against me and after constantly being stalked by her and having to endure daily visits by her, drooling at me like a dog wanting a treat, she finally backed off...tail between her legs.

She then turned into a truly aggressive and vindictive and highly unprofessional person, issuing me with dog fines amounting into numerous 1000's of dollars, taking out her frustration directed at me out at my dogs. I was threatened by her and she assured me that I would not be able to hide my dogs or myself from her due to my dogs size.

I was fined for my dogs, even though on a lead jumping out of my car onto the footpath for DOG UNCONTROLLED IN PUBLIC SPACE
My dogs being fast asleep and on their leashes, which were wrapped around my foot whilst having brunch at a famous breakfast strip near the beach for OBSTRUCTION OF FOOTPATH and for NOT HOLDING ON TO THEIR LEASHES.
After a long walk along the coastal path in stifling heat for letting my dogs cool themselves off briefly at the north end of Gordon's Bay, with around 15 other dogs present. I was the ONLY one being issued a hefty fine, whilst everyone else was ignored by this specific council woman or received a warning, I walked away with a $ 660.- infringement notice.

Due to their size, my dogs even though extremely placid and gentle and loved by the whole dog community in my area, are often attacked by smaller dogs in fear and sheer horror of their size. These attacks are by breeds very common in Australian urban environments, when really they are better off in the country. Should my dogs rightly defend themselves in such a scenario, it is obvious, that the smaller dog will walk away worse off.
Of course it is always me that receives a fine for my dogs supposedly aggressive behavior and also has to pay a vet bill of a dog that in fact attacked my dogs to start with.
Randwick Council even had the audacity to send me an INTENTION TO DECLARE AMY DOG DANGEROUS, which followed an assessment by the most senior and highly respected dog behavioral scientist in Australia. The verdict was as expected.......
That my dog was gentle and calm in all situations and that the dog displayed no aggressive tendencies towards other dogs, let alone people at all.
My dogs have starred in Television commercials, have done fashion shows and have appeared on shows such as Bondi Vet and Totally Wild with DR. Katrina Warren. They have raised 1000.- in charity work too.
The high recommendation was not to declare my dog dangerous and Randwick council backed off unwillingly.

In the meantime 100's of little to medium sized dogs run freely and off the lead between Coogee Beach along the coastal walk towards the dog park at the southern headland and back every day. Their owners power walking along or posh ladies chattering whilst their dogs run rampant and drop their excrement everywhere, without their owners noticing or caring.
Amongst them some of NSW most dangerous dog breeds according to a very recent list of dog attacks in the Sydney urbanized area...
Since Randwick Council is BIG on revenue making by issuing fines...be it dog or car, I suggest rather than seeking out individuals as perpetrators to be a bit more on the ball along that very beautiful coastal strip we all share for our pleasures.

Besides dog owners being vilified constantly, I suggest Council should also act equally strict with all the WHITE TRASH, breaking 100's of beer bottles on the beautiful cliffs in Trenerry Reaerve and the cigarette butts littering our every step we take within this pristine area. A single cigarette butt swallowed by a sea turtle will kill it within 1 hour! Let alone the endless trail of fast food containers and soft drink bottles one has to look at whilst trying to enjoy the little bit of nature in the eastern beaches area we all share. Not once have I seen a ranger issue A fine or a warning to a person regarding that!

I sadly have recently lost 1 of my dogs due old age and my other dog, being extremely grief stricken started howling without his buddy.
All my dogs live in the house not the backyard!
Understandably living in a close knit urban environment I am trying my very best for this not to continue.

Love thy neighbour - not !

I informed my neighbours about the very sad event and gave numerous one access to my house and all my contact numbers in case of the dog becoming nuisance.
I was assured that I would be contacted by them or that they would go to my house to calm my dog in sadness and first time solitude.
I also checked on numerous occasions upon my return from work if the dog had been a problem or if they had heard something. I was always reassured that everything was ok and that the periods of grief were very short and that if the dog had been howling it had done so within my house not outside!

I got a call from Ranwick Council about a dog howling complaint from one of my beloved neighbours yesterday.
As I was reassured by the ranger that he could not disclose who had dobbed me in of course.... What an irony.
I currently have another dog of the same breed that I have just been lovingly given by a veteran dog expert on a trial basis to see if it would calm my dog down and distract him from his sadness and occasional howling within my own 4 walls.
I truly do hope it will work.....
All the ranger who called me is interested in: Is me registering the dog on trial already within Randwick council to make a bit more revenue of course.
Also I will obviously receive a warning again and a threat for a fine.....

The fact that I am surrounded by houses with constantly screaming, devilish sounding, small children, neighbours with loud music blurring 24/7 or other dogs constantly barking or a what could potentially be a beautiful, but very steep little park that is littered with a big dead tree, unmaintained long dead grass and trash everywhere is of course not taken into consideration by Randwick council.

Reason being:
I do not complain about such issues!
It is so very petty and I would address the problem, if I really had one with the person/neighbour directly rather than a coward call, tweet or email to council rangers that lack not only understanding and insight of individual issues but are also judgmental and mostly frustrated within their respective jobs. Tolerance of both council and what has become a rather snobby and narrow minded society inhabiting this area nestled along the eastern beaches foreshore areas should have a GOOD LOOK AT THEMSELVES.

After all we all have to live together in a supposedly peaceful and emotionally evolved society. Humans would not be where they are today without dogs and their therapeutic and intuitive qualities like smelling cancer etc are invaluable, whereas how invaluable is a non tolerant non dog friendly council, like the one we live in?!
I believe dogs are not the ones to blame either, but rather what hangs of the end of its leash.... that is when the dog is on a leash rather than running around freely where it shouldn't, to the sad detriment of all other responsible dog owners.



This unbelievably selfish woman should take her big dogs and nice smelling candles out of the city and live somewhere in the county where dogs belong.

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