Pot holes on Murrays Run

Wondering if there is any chance of a tar truck coming to Murrays Run Laguna to fill in the craters in the tar. The tar truck was in the Laguna area yesterday and STILL did not come to Murrays Run. Meanwhile we have craters in the tar in the southern far end of Murrays Run. I have even filled one particualr bad one myself a couple of times over the last couple of months. Two people have already had blown tyres because of the holes.

Added to this we have a section of dirt road on the northern end of Murrays run that continually gets washed out when it rains yet Council will not dig a drain so this doesn't happen! You just grade it over - it rains heavily again and gets washed away.

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I sent this enquiry to CCC on 5/3 & followed it up with another on 8/3/13

Can you pls advise what the situation is regarding ref nos. 4168/2013 & 4913/2013 in reference to a blocked drain on Murrays Run Rd. To date I have had no communication from council, which as a ratepayer I find extremely disappointing.

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