Noise polution walls on highway - graffiti

I am a resident of Moonee Beach and travel the Pacific Highway twice EVERY DAY - to and home from work.
I knew it was only a matter of time before the miles and miles walls that have replaced our beautiful pristine views over forest and ocean - would be polluted with the disgusting scrawling of those that do not have enough imagination to otherwise amuse themselves.

My last count this morning was 4 NEW instances of graffiti on the highway between Coffs and Moonee - ONE being on the glass barrier at Sapphire! There are workers on the highway 24/7 at the moment - and yet theses idiots can still sneak in and do their scrawl and disappear.

As this was inevitable to happen - surely the council have a plan IN PLACE to deal with this behaviour - the walls are painted and only NEW - so you must have BUCKETS of paint in stock to PAINT OVER this very aggravating and ugly happening. This will obviously have to be on a daily basis!

How many instances will we have to endure BEFORE it IS painted over ... what happens to those that are actually caught - at least fear of 100 lashes was a deterrent for bad behaviour in day gone by!!


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