Dog Kills small vicious neighbouhood dog

My friend has a 9 year old Rotty, who is wonderful around children, other dogs including strange ones, always a pleasure and well mannered. Inside dog etc...

For years a lil chiuaha has been agressive from next door through the fence. The whole street agrees also when it has been walking etc.

The rotty only barks in reply and never starts before...

Today at 1pm the lil one escaped into his yard where the Rotty gave a lean kill after growling...

This was sentenced 2 hrs later by the council for showing signs of violence.

Why is it a good, loving house dog gets the blame for a little menise who terrorises the neighbour hood? When he was just protecting his owner...

If another dog/human was to attack you and your dog killed it to protect you... would it be put down?
If this was a protected property and guard dog took out an animal intruder?


OMG we had the exact same thing with Hawkesbury council. We had 2 Rotti's, very placid loving dogs and no problem with people. Our neighbours hated them and one night somehow our gate got opened and our dogs got out. The male killed the next door neighbours dog which was always coming on our property and 'teasing' them at the gate. The council ordered that both dogs be destroyed without debate, without seeing the dogs, regardless of what we said. We even had a video recording of the neighbours dog on our property but it was no use.

The council ordered that both dogs be destroyed without debate on what grounds ?? this can only be done if a destruction order has been submitted in the courts...wheres the court attendance to appear in the local courts for the attack...something doesnt sound right to me ... whats the true story

That is totally the true story!! We were ordered to destroy the dogs immediately, nothing went to court...we checked with our local vet & apparently the council can do that...we are law abiding citizens so did as we were ordered to do...

I can vouch for this story.The same thing happened to us. Hawkesbury council ordered we have our dog destroyed straight away after a woman complained she was bitten.No ifs, buts or maybes.
But the vet refused to do it because, he said, they obviously had the wrong dog.We went to court,the woman was shown to be lying and the judge said our dog wasn't guilty. The judge, the vet, the dog whisperer plus over forty other people told council our dog was innocent, but after 2 years Hawkesbury council still refuses to revoke the dangerous dog declaration they made because they're defending the order to have her put down.
We were fortunate only because the vet had some integrity.Our innocent dog is still alive, but how many other dogs have this council had destroyed without worrying about the legalities?

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