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Barking dogs are a nuisance. But if you call the rangers you get the following : You need to keep a dog diary for 2 weeks, we need to investigate from other neighbours you are not making a false accusation, after investigation you keep another dog diary before a nuisance order is made, you then have to be prepared to go to court, and state in front of a magistrate that your detailed dog diary is correct.

Please !

Whatever happened to ringing the owner of the nuisance dog, warning them that any further reports may result in a fine being issued. The one thing Councils do know is that money talks and people do not wish to be fined. Most dog owners are responsible - its that 10% that drive us crazy.


Clover 'Rover' Moore is the nuisance.

The City of Sydney have now released a Home Security Fact sheet. The first tip of 10 is - wait for it - "Consider getting a dog". Brilliant, so you can leave it home all day, barking and disturbing the neighbours, and council can get money from the registration. We have neighbourhood dogs that bark a lot, so eventually no one goes out to see if its a burglar or not.

The Rangers are useless. One supervisor is not in, the other supervisor is not there ( or does not want to take the call) and you continually get fobbed of by this department within the city of sydney council. I actually went into their office last week - and the personnel were obviously not pleased that a resident had actually walked into their office to ask them to assist. Isn't that their job ?

It is our job but we are on Morning Tea Break.

Seems like all council officers / rangers are similar. Go to work ( ha ha ) collect pay and f**k everybody else.

Yep, why would you do it ..and to your fellow aussies.
Probably cant get any other job.
What did they want to do when they were at school.

My issue is councils they are not accountable.
They do things if they want to and hide behind spin and excuses.
Things really need to change.
Can you imagine these Mayors and councillors working in a private company?

Spin and Excuses - that's exactly what happens. I am sure there are some good workers there. But others are verbally disrespectful, never call you back, or accuse you of having the problem. What's going on - dont they want to do their job. In today's climate there are people who are desperate to find work, so move over and give someone else the chance to have a go and do the work properly.

You are not going to believe this. 10 days after I went to the Rangers office I have been told that "that the diary has not been filled out correctly, and the complaint will not be taken any further". 150 times in a 2 week time frame this dog barked !!! , substantiated by a resident who was interviewed by the Rangers, and yet they tell me "other residents don't hear it" so as far as they are concerned end of story. A classic example of what we now all know. They are not doing their job, and Clover Moore needs to wake up and get someone running that area who is a professional.

Rogers Ranger no doubt.

How many times did this dog bark on Sat. 9.05am,9.15,9.34,9.41 I went out and in the afternoon 1.05pm, 1.22, 1.50.,2.15., 2.20., 2.31., 2.50.,2.55.,3.09.,3.40.,3.45.,3.50.,3.55.,4.05.,4.25.,4.40., 5.18., then the responsible dog ower came home. 21 times!
I wonder what the council/rangers reponse will be this week. The dog hasn't barked enough ?

I honestly think the dog on the next street would have a shorter list if I recorded the times he didn't bark. Where it's prob napping

Rangers are pretty hopeless.
Why dont you tape it.and Play it back at them on full blast.
They may get the message.
Its not the dogs fault its the owners.

I agree with the other comments. This is typical of that dept not doing their job properly. what is going on at town hall ?

Dog still barking. Sat night between 5 - 6pm we had 4 dog fights at the back fence because people walk by with their dogs and this one just explodes. The on/off barking continued until 11pm. Where was the responsible dog owner - who knows. Still no reply from Clover Moores office - have sent 2 emails so far. What else can I do.

Barking for the last hour. But its another dog!, locked into the back balcony area. I have rung the rangers and reported it. Lets see what happens.

Procedure for response to barking dog complaint

If you are being continually disturbed in your home by a barking dog, City of Sydney Rangers can issue a Nuisance Dog Order or Penalty Notices (fine) to the owner if you can help by providing enough evidence to convince a magistrate.

Below you’ll find information on how to make a complaint about a barking dog and work with City Rangers and your neighbours to collect enough evidence if further action is required.

For action to be taken, the barking must be persistent and interfere with your rest and well being.

Your first step should always be to talk with the owner of the dog, who may not even be aware the dog is barking when they are not home.

Process for handling complaints

When a complaint is received about a barking dog, the City’s Duty Supervisor or an Ordinance Ranger contacts the complainant to get details including the time and duration of the barking.

The Ranger will advise the complainant of the procedure for declaring a dog a nuisance, which is:

1. Rangers visit and speak to the owner of the dog and advise them that the dog is causing a nuisance to neighbours

2. If the education visit by rangers does not have any effect within 7 days, the complainant should contact Rangers again

3. The complainant is then issued with and required to maintain a Barking Dog Diary, which contains:
-A description of the dog,
-Location of the dog and
-Details of the periods of barking, for example 9.10am to 9.30am.

The complainant is also requested to contact the adjacent residents to see if they have a problem with a barking dog and note the persons spoken to and record their response.

The diary may need to be used as a basis for issuing a Nuisance Dog Order. Complainants must understand that they and their diary are the evidence required to be produced in Court to substantiate the issue of an Order or Penalty notice.

4. Before a Nuisance Dog Order is issued the dog owner must be advised that complaints are still being received, a record of the dog barking is being maintained, and that a Nuisance Dog Order may be issued.

5. A Ranger Team Leader will review the diary and make an assessment, bearing in mind the results of the interviews with the neighbours.

The complainant will still need to continue making entries in the diary, as, if the Order is not complied with and a penalty notice has to be issued, the informant and diary must form sufficient evidence to convince a Magistrate that the dog is a nuisance to the complainant within their residence.

Dog owners are very selfish.

That's a broad, unfair statement. There are lots of dog owners that try to do the right thing ie. walking their dogs twice a day so they don't get bored and bark, asking the neighbours to let them know if there is ever a problem with their dogs barking so they can make sure they address why the dog is bored. We've never had a problem with our dog because we make sure he gets the attention a dog needs in an urban environment.
You shouldn't be so quick to make sweeping judgements just because you live next to someone who may not be doing the right thing.

I read the article in City Central - has the Council fixed the problem due to media exposure, or more importanly has the dog stopped barking ?

Dog still barks. I went away for a week. I returned Wed evening - just going to sleep and at 10.40pm (right under my bedroom window) the dog went beserk barking at someone walking by. Then at 11.15pm - same thing happened. On Thursday night the dog barked from 7.35pm - 8.45pm when the responsible dog owner returned home it stopped.
As you can see from the Council's waffle above - its more to deter people from complaining than sort the problem out.

Help - the dog is still barking. 27/7., 8.45am,9.05.,9.57.,10.02.,10.23 3.55pm,4.08pm.,5.43pm.,6.08pm.,6.45pm.,7.92pm.,7.15pm
28/7 9.02am.,9.15.,9.25.,9.53., 10.01., 1.03pm.,3.27, 4.05.,4.15., 4.58., 5.11., 6.25
29/7 9.40 until 9.50am 10.05., 10.07am I am now going out! Still waiting for a reply from Clover Moore and the CEO at Council. The dog is never walked.

Have you taped it??You will need evidence.

Noise noise noise..... what do you have to do in this city for the authorities to do their job.

City of Sydney are useless. Its now 6 weeks and they want me to do another dog diary. I started 7 AUg with 5.15am when the dog woke me, so far recorded 29 times the dog has gone and barked at the back gate. Its 4.44pm Sat and its barking now. Thank god I'm going out tonight.


I am writing an article on the council’s attempts to support responsible dog ownership. It would be great to get your perspective on them. You can contact me at



Susannah are there any ????????????

Dog still barks. I am now filling our the 2nd dog diary - so far into week one - same torture. Council have advised me "they want to resolve the issue" - If they had handled the initial complaint in a responsible manner the problem would be resolved.

If anyone else has had problems or knows of anyone else that has had issues with the councils attitude towards animals they can contact me at the above address.

Last day of the 2nd dog diary - the dog has gone to the back gate and barked 191 times in that 2 week time frame. This long drawn out process has been just awful.

I have had problems with a nuisance dog and had to move - the owners were plain ignorant. Hope your council sorts it out.

Barking dog update. 9 days since I handed in the 2nd dog diary. Rang Council today, to get an update, I presumed someone had contacted them because its not been too bad this week. But no...... Last week the rangers were sent down to park in the backlane for 3 nights to see if the dog barked!
I should just buy the dog a citronella collar. This "Yes Minister" approach from the Rangers Dept is time consuming and costly. They are meeting tomorrow to see if they will issue a nuisance order. Don't hold your breath.

Getting somewhere. Rangers came down and took a statement from me. Nuisance Order will be placed on the dog. But.........Rangers will have another meeting with their supervisor before it actually gets written out and served on the dog owner.

I am moving to Brisbane. Well, only for 4 days, away from the barking dog, halllelujah ! Still waiting for the Nuisance Order.

No Nuisance Order yet. Rangers advised dog owner of intention to issue an order, told her she had 7 days to appeal. I was away for a few days and contacted the Rangers today because the dog was barking a lot this morning, starting at 7.15am, left 2 messages for the guy handling the issue, he didnt call back.Someone else left a message, I called them back, they could not speak with me so spoke with a third person! Same old spin and excuse. Cant do anything until 7 day appeal is over, Rangers then have ANOTHER MEETING to decide whether to issue the order.

Obviously this dog is not exercised Suzanne so this makes this owner an iresponsible owner and should not have a dog. A dog is a commitment.

I've been following this gripe for a few weeks and cant understand why the council dont fix the problem.

Council do something !

Dog woke me at 11.20pm on Sat. night. When I rang council this morning to find out if the nuisance order will be put on the dog, I am informed still no decision, AND the person at council dealing with the matter is going on Annual Leave!
I have no confidence in them whatsoever, and am staring to feel that perhaps the dog owner knows someone at council and that is why this is not being resolved.

400 dog diaries have been issued by the City of Sydney this year. 400!

If dogs are left home alone all day they are going to bark because they are unhappy.

If they were left at home then they would crap at home. Sydney is starting to look like Paris. A Stitch in time councils take note.

I hear stories of 'townies' throughout Australia solving barking dog problems, and it doesn't involve a council 'diary' - it's called ********* - apparently very simple, very quick and very effective

why dogs get ******, because the neighbours get sick of the barking the the authorities dont do their job.

Are you the Suzanne who throws stones at the dog to stir it up?If so I live in the apartment block and no one else has a problem with the dog, so maybe the dog is not the problem and you are?

What a stupid comment. Why would this lady throw stones at the dog to stir it up. Looking at what she has said re the Council Diaries she would have to spend her entire life throwing stones at the dog to stir it up. Maybe you have an issue with Suzanne yourself if you claim you live in the same block and how do you know so much about this problem.

I live in Dubbo and have a similar problem with barking dogs. Council are USELESS.

Whoever made the comment that council prefer to make it more difficult for the complainer than take any action against owner of barking dog was right on the money

As you can see from the Council's waffle above - its more to deter people from complaining than sort the problem out.

100% right on that one

Same dog, same problem 7 months later. I have twice contacted the Council re this nuisance barking starting all over again! Their response was to send me a 9 month old email from the Lord Mayor.

The same Council that won't do anything to that zany woman that persists feeding the pigeons. City Council Rangers have a huge TOO HARD BASKET.

Yes Minister! Rangers will not go around to the public walkway, rear of the property where the dog lives. Because, wait for it..... " they could be seen as making the dog bark".

How about when it works the other way. I have lived in my residence for near 3 years and have owned a dog for 2 and a 1/2 years. For the period I have owned my dog, the neighbour has had a problem with it. I agree at first he may have been a small problem, but now he is a near perfect dog. For about 2 1/2 years I have had the one neighbour constantly complaining about the dog. So much so that I have had 2 alleged noise orders and near 10 visits from the ranger and every time they come away with nothing. When is enough, enough? Me being relatively new to the neighbourhood I have limited friendships where as my neighbour has lived in the area for a long time. Each time there is a complaint, it happens on the same day, from the same people who just happen to be close friends with my complaining neighbour. How am I to win. I've had my partner abused when I am not home, and have also had complaints about my crying kids and my radio being on. It is a neighbourly dispute using the council ranger as the middle man and the only thing they have on me is my alleged barking dog, who by the way does not bark at all. The system is a joke, there should be a better way to define a nuisance dog, and the matter should be better investigated, I would challenge any person to stay a weekend outside my house and tell me my dog barks to the point of being a nuisance. Should I be able to charge my neighbour with harassment, and also the council ranger who wastes his time investigating a neighbourly dispute with harassment. If I was to follow the same previous guideline for dog inspections for another 5 years I would have 30 ranger inspections and 6 alleged noise complaints. This is beyond a joke and has to stop. I am fed up.

I completely agree with everything that you have said peeved dog owner. Since moving into this neigbourhood 18 months ago, certain establised neighbours (with no lives, too much time on their hands and envy in there hearts) have band together to make our lifes hell. They have made up ficticious lies and stories about us and our 2 dogs and have even gone to the exterme of harassing other neigbours to try and prove their case. According to these A-Holes, they hear our dogs barking when they're staying at my parents place 5 suburbs away - no joke. Examples of other lies and rumours they have spread are:
- the dogs are not being fed/ walked/socialised
- the dogs are vicious
- the owners are never home
Truth is, our dogs are fed better then we feed ourselves! They're walked everyday (except when its raining) and we take them to the dog park at least once a week. Further, everyone that has met our dogs absolutely love them. You think our petty neigbours have tried to get to know our dogs?? You guessed right! Nope, although we have offered numerous times.. they don't see the logic of getting to know our dogs. All they have done is harass, bully and victimise us. So far, our BIGGEST & STRONGEST case has been that other neighbours have backed us up 100%. With this in mind, we have decided to take this fight to the very end...

Have you actually talked to your neighbour about this? or are you just wanting the council to do all the work for you?

Peeved Dog owners I hear you! ive just caught my neoghbours making offical complaints when my dog hasnt been at the house in weeks!!!

Funnily enough, the only time our dog barks is at night- when the people in flats let their cats run free to defecate in our front yard, and the cats decide to run through the backyard.

How many of the responsible people complaining have cats I wonder?

Suzanne, have you talked to the dog owner? I can't see anywhere in your numerous entries where you describe a conversation.
If the owner is deliberately unco-operative, could it be because you just went straight to council, or is it because they really are an a***hole?
In the latter case, I saw a suggestion in the posts above about a quicker way to deal with the problem.

It is reasonable that people making complaints about dogs be required to provide evidence. Some are genuine, but too many people these days make dishonest complaints (either exaggerated or outright fabrications) as part of disputes with neighbours.
Even someone who isn't as lazy as council workers would want to be very careful issuing complaints based solely on a single neighbour's evidence - what if a complaint is made against them? That's why they want to stay out of it.
There is very little community these days - people just dobbing people in and telling lies about each other. Lazy council workers who couldn't be bothered and try to hide behind layers of bureaucracy. Then occasionally disputes turn violent ... and people wonder why.

How can Clover Moore encourage even more people to have dogs when 60.000 domestic animals (that's cats and dogs) are being put down in NSW every year.
I grew up in the countryside and we always had dogs. They had a big garden to run all day and in the evening someone would take the dog for a walk. In Sydney my neighbours dogs are caged in a tiny backyard all day, or even worse on an even tinier balcony. And I seriously doubt that they are being walked every day. My next door neighbour has a big dog in her backyard all day, she does not walk him every day. The dog barks quite often, so does my other neighbour's dog, and somewhere near there is another dog that does a lot of barking in the evening. I seriously doubt dog owners walk them often, because I hardly see people out with dogs in my neighbourhood.
I don't think that a dog in the city has a great life, and I seriously doubt most of the dog owners are being educated enough to have dogs. Seeing pet shops are still not being banned is a big problem. A dog is not a consumers item or a cool thing to have like a big screen TV or a fancy car. It should be mandatory for people who want to have a dog, that they go through a training program for dog owners. Maybe being dog friendly sometimes should mean not having one.

I hear you too Peeved dog owners.
I have a new neighbour that is picking on my dog keeping him up in the middle of the day, when there are 5 dogs in different houses surrounding us. My dog barks, yes, at other dogs roaming by, or sounds out the front, and, in a symphony with other neighbour's dogs. But the barking is not continuous with any dog here.
I wish these whiners get a life, (with the exception of the few legitimate cases), and focus on real issues.
Next they'll be complaining that trees have leaves.

You know the rangers in the city of Sydney are very rude and I have herd they take bribes ask for Ranger Tonya. she will ask you to write a letter to clover Moore to say how good she is I couldn't believe it then she said I will walk your dog for money then gave me her mobile and said she walks lots of dogs for people in the city of Sydney that's how it works

Do you think anyone actually believes you. Im guessing "ranger Tonya" may have issued you with a little fine.

I was searching for a 'neighbour balcony' gripe but couldn't resist a quick look at this gripe after my recently resolved 2 yrs long battle with my neighbour's cockatoo, then his 3 barking dogs.

I won't go into the full story; most of you commenting/griping know the inaction of council only too well, so I'll just leave some tips on how to get council working for you! (such is the mantra at Wollongong City Council) :)

My own resolution only came after contacting my local member Noreen Hay to complain about council's complete lack of action after 2 yrs and numerous 'barking' diaries. After that things moved very quickly. Also keep a record of every official you talk to along the way. Call council, quoting your report # as often as 3 weeks after your last call. This is plenty of time for them to have sent out a letter of warning. Contact the Community Justice Centre and ask for mediation with offending dog owners. When mine refused to attend, then lied by saying they were completely unaware of the barking problem, I had more determination to push it all the way despite continuous intimidations via way of property intrusions by dogs owner.

My last complaint was Sept 21st 2012 to police after I caught owner in my yard at 11 PM. I'm sure it won't be the last. Some ppl really do believe they live on this planet alone.

PS, council told me the most complaints they get relate to barking dogs.

A tale from my my father: Like many blokes from the 70s era work force my father worked 3 shifts at BHP. If a neighbourhood dog was a 'mongrel barker' it was quickly sorted out with the owner who was most likely unaware of the situation due to being on a different shift. However, should a dog not be silenced (ie left bones during the day) within a 3 shift rotation it wasn't uncommon to hear that it had been baited. Baiting was rife.

Agree with peeved dog owners. Our dog is taken for walks twice daily (once to centennial park), is fed well, has toys and snacks when we are not home. He goes to dog daycare all day on mondays, and on Wednesdays one of us works from home, as well as us both being home on the weekends. Just came home after 3 weeks away (and the dog was also away) to hear the neighbour has made another complaint, when the dog wasn't even here! I stopped talking to this neighbour because all he did he was to complain to me about everyone in the neighbourhood. The ranger has visited and couldn't hear the dog. What do you do about a nuisance psycho like that?!?

Send the neighbour a lovely letter stating her hatred of your pets has been noted, but misinformation for ones own agenda to receive desired results must be factual, or an official statement falsified is seen as committing fraud. It is a criminal offence to make false statements to any agency like the council. Then tell her if she wants to try again, the council are already aware that there were no dogs barking at the time of complaint, so maybe next time make sure you give them my number I'd be more than happy in fact it would be my pleasure to discuss this even further with them.

Omg I love dogs they are beautiful creatures, and I love all those in my block of flats, but there is a big difference when a dog just does not shut up all day, I live in east lakes and there is a dog in the housing commission that just won't stop. It concerns me that this happens from the moment I get up till I sleep in the am hours, it comes through loud and pitchy and I've closed all doors windows blinds and still yap yap.

What shocked me more was it was just barable when I'm at work all day and mask it with tv, but I took annual leave for 2 weeks as well as sick leave and I swear to god it was non stop.

The concern here is it seems like neglect and disregard as it goes unstop pled daily.

Another issue is it sets off every other dog blocks away

3rd a dog that's shown to bark, is trying to express itself, sounds like a big dog in a small unit where the owner just comes home to feed it.

Lastly my sleep is close to non existent and my patience is wearing thin. It's not hard to train the dog to stop, or know that barking is not to be a continuous thing

People are worried bout there own dogs being a problem because they go off when ever he barks.

You want a constantly barking dog, be a decent person and sound proof your house, or don't live in a building where a thousand families live and move around

I love dogs I just cannot listen to this sound for much longer, when there are solutions that are easily obtainable. I'm sure east lakes is already looking at giving that dog a scholarship. Truly I wsh I was exaggerating but alas I'm not

And honestly it's in the next street over and it's still loud enough to clearly penetrate well into everyone's houses


If the council won't listen then I guess there's going to be a lot of dead or dying dogs because people will just take it into their own hands.. I'm tempted myself. I have neighbours across the road & next door & I don't know who's worse. But if the council are lazy as I've predicted, then bring on plan B.

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